UPDATE 26/October/2015:

With the release of the backers copies of Ex3, we are starting to gear up for our new Ex3 campaign. We are looking for ST's for this new chapter in Lands Asunder storytelling. Also we are working on a new Ex3 Database which should be available soon(TM). Please note that with the new campaign the new theme policy is in effect, but we want to note very clearly that if you choose to play a character under 18 there will be a very strict policy against sex. Please be mature and understand that while some people may want to play a 16 year old exalt who starts out as an urchin on the street, that means you are looking for a specific type of RP environment that should feel safe for such a concept. Please see our updated policy page.


UPDATE 19/June/2015:

As you can see we are still settling into our new shoes here, but for the most part everything should still work. If you have any issues please report them in the Tech Support Forums so I may address them ASAP.

On another note, our City of Temples Campaign is LIVE and accepting characters. Please see the wiki for character generation and house rules!

- Elaine


We are so excited for Exalted 3.0 and our new Exalted 2.0 City of Temples campaign, we just had to redecorate and modernize a little!

After the dust settles, you will find that your ONE login works for the entire site - no more multiple accounts!

But on the downside, I had Mojo try to update our forums, but instead we lost the information and the backup file got all corrupted.

This means yes, you'll have to sign up for a new account but hopefully THIS IS THE LAST TIME.

We also realize that we and our players have grown. This April marks LA's 3rd year open and we're all a little older and a little wiser. And honestly, we know you guys are too. So, we have decided that as of April 1st, we are turning over a new leaf and lifting all bans, forgiving past transgressions as we hope those we have transgressed will forgive us too. Hopefully, those that have been banned in the past have learned from their mistakes as we have learned from ours and rejoin our community.

In the spirit of maturity (and fun) we are also hereby lifting all bans on character concepts that were banned previously. Exalted 3 is a much more mature game than it has been in the past, and keeping with this theme we are trusting our players to create their own characters, even when they want to play more mature/adult oriented concepts. This also means we are lifting the ban on minors as characters down to about 13 (Please note that if you play an under 18 character there will be no sex, this isn't an invitation for pedo bear. Sorry we have to say this as it should be assumed), as we trust the players are 18+ and understand the dark and mature turn that Exalted has taken.

This also means that a ton of our policies have been rewritten and we require you to read them, and agree to them. Hopefully, by reading them you will get a better sense of our new expectations of old and new players alike.

Lastly, and on a less important note, we have taken away most of the tedious "templates" and such needed to request things or complain about things. We now only have one training request form and one bluebook form.

As a special note - thank you to all players for making our site great, without you, there would be no us.

- Elaine